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19 April 2018
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Editor's Review
Mozilla Firefox - Open Source Browser That Has Everything
Review by Frederick Barton on 09 May 2012
The well known Mozilla Firefox is one of the primary contenders on the market. The browser has everything you need for fast and comfortable web browsing. If you need a certain feature or tool and you can not find it, you can install it immediately, thanks to Firefox's well built-in Add-ons manager.

An operating system should always have a web browser. It should be obvious that a web browser is the only way of accessing all kinds of videos, news, social media, pictures, and, of course, all the information in the world. It is also obvious that Internet Explorer, which comes by default with Windows, is not the most popular browser on the market. Third party browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, will always have an advantage, due to their speed and well organized interfaces. It is a well known fact that Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular alternatives and for good reason. Its TraceMonkey JavaScript and Gecko layout engines offer greater performance and content rendering speed.

During the setup process, you can choose to install the browser using the already made settings or configure it yourself. When the installation process is complete, you can import the browsing history from Internet Explorer or any other browser on your computer.

The interface is very clean and tidy, making it possible to surf the web with great comfort. You can access multiple websites on different tabs, which have a sleeker design in the latest Firefox version. Also in the latest version, a button (labeled "Firefox") has been added. It is located in the upper left corner of the window and it will display a small menu with options for saving the current web page, sending a link via Outlook or other installed mail clients, displaying a search function and more.

You can also access a series of web developer tools from the Firefox menu. They include a web console, a scratchpad, error console and more. An interesting feature is the Inspect tool, found among the other developer tools. If activated, you can inspect any item on a web page by simply hovering over it with the mouse cursor. While using this tool, you can view the web page in 3D by clicking a button on the lower edge of the window. You will see the items stacked one over another and you will be able to rotate the page in any direction with your mouse.

An add-ons manager can be displayed on a new tab by clicking the Add-ons option, in the Firefox menu. It is divided into multiple sections, which can be accessed with navigation tabs, placed on the left side of the window. You will find themes, tools, notifiers and many more extensions in the "Get Add-ons" category and you just need to click one to install it. The process is fast and when it is done, the browser will need to be restarted. You will be prompted for this action and your browsing session will not be affected. Extensions, themes and plugins are listed in different categories and you can enable, disable or remove them by clicking the buttons next to each entry.

The options for bookmarking a web page or refreshing it are placed directly on the address bar to conserve space. By default, the bookmarks bar is disabled, extensions can be accessed by clicking a small icon in the lower left corner of the window, in short, Mozilla Firefox will display strictly what you need. Of course, you can still activate the bookmarks bar and other tools, but having them disabled means that you will be able to see a larger area of a web page, without needing to scroll too much.

If you take your time to look at everything Mozilla Firefox offers, you will see that it can be used for much more than web browsing. It comes with a large number of tools and features and you can install more, using its built-in Add-ons manager. It can load web pages fast and thanks to the interface's smart design, you will be able to work in a quick and comfortable manner.

There are no aspects which may displease the user.

The Internet will look and feel much better, while using Mozilla Firefox. Its large variety of tools, sleek design and easy to understand features are just what you need for a great experience.

This review refers to the free/freeware or shareware version of Mozilla Firefox for Windows (XP, Vista, or 7), the full version(if applicable) may be bought from the publisher's website. We try our best to provide the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. If you find a new version please let us know so we can update Mozilla Firefox.